4 Things I Learned About Danish Language

Lately I have been reading many “X things I learned when living in Denmark” articles, so I thought I could make my own article on the Danish language. So here it is, my 4 things I learned about Danish language.

I’ll keep it short and sweet for your reading pleasure!

1) Forget what you knew about numbers

That’s right. Better abandon your usual knowledge on number-reading, because you’re in for a ride! Don’t believe me? Our Dane writer has written a thorough analysis  on the post-modernity of Danish numbers, analyzing their truly YOLO style! Have fun!

2) Danish Tongue-twisters are my personal kind of hell

I mean… just try saying rød grøde med fløde without gasping at the incredible ability of a language to stun your brain. Even more so, when this phrase is for food! Why, Danish, why?! Despite the difficulties, tongue-twisters are a great way to learn a language in a fun way. Our former blogger, Catrin, used danish tongue-twisters as her personal practice when learning Danish, and they seemed to have helped her!

3) is a game-changer

Meet the word that can be used in any context, having a different meaning each time. From surprise to approval, this little word can go a long way in Danish discussions. Just make sure to use the right pronunciation of it every time! Stefan has already taken care of that with his comprehensive list on many interpretations. 

4) Danish compound nouns will make your life better

Why? Because they are simple and beautiful in their practicality. I have spoken in the past of this treasure of Danish language called compound nouns, but you know what they say: one time equals none!

Vi ses,




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