A mash-up of my personal favorite posts.

Hello again! It’s been a while since I got down to write, but life got in the way. Plus some particularly un-inspiring moments along with it. But that’s on the menu, I guess 🙂

Last week, we said goodbye to two lovely bloggers of our team, Nicole and Catrin. I feel like a simple thank you wasn’t enough, seeing as their posts were highly motivating and engaging, regarding the language learning process and, in particular, Danish. I have been struggling lately to keep up with my Danish practice, as my practice has been limited to reading random online texts in Danish and high-fiving myself for still understanding them. I guess I need a motivational boost, so this post might just do the trick.

So I decided to do a mash-up, picking out my favorite posts from Catrin, Nicole and Stefan and showing them to you. At the same time, this is my “thank you” post to Nicole and Catrin for their contribution!

No order of preference has been applied!

1. Here we have a particularly interesting analysis from Stefan discussing the possible correlation to swearing and honesty with speaking a language.

2. Nicole’s touching post on a very sensitive issue that seems to gain more weight as the current refugee crisis in Europe is re-defining certain aspects of people’s lives.

3. Catrin’s heart-warming post on the importance of being connected and committed to the language one wishes to learn.

4. Stefan quotes Wittgenstein and draws Jabberwockies in this great post on how language opens up new worlds.

5. Nicole’s playful piece on her daughters’ relationship with Danish language.

6. In her piece, Catrin had the chance to meet a lovely couple, of whom the wife was Danish, and also practice Danish herself, a huge success and accomplishment!

I am particularly fond of each blogger’s personal style and approach to language learning, and I have certainly acquired much insight that I have re-directed to my own thoughts and views. I felt like this post was a necessary reminder of some of our coolest posts here in our blog. Enjoy, and stay tuned! 🙂

Vi ses,



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