Summer Survival Kit

We just entered daylight savings time… Or exited it… Whatever. Summer is around the corner. This is the time when every Dane who, having only ventured out during the winter to get back inside again, will want to actually spent time outside. They are gonna wanna play football, they are gonna wanna drink beer (not that they didn’t drink during the winter, but this is drinking outside, which is the only thing in the world Danes enjoy more than just drinking) and they are gonna wanna talk to you.

In order for you, dear reader, to be prepared, I have devised this list of some of the most typical encounters you might experience in the time to come.

At the park

This is the place to go if you want maximum social and UV exposure with a minimum amount of effort. Topics of conversation might include: “When will the water temperature allow us to go the beach instead”, “Where do we find the perfect open air concert to conclude this already perfect day”. The answers are: “Practically never but we should do it tomorrow anyway” and “It doesn’t matter because by then we will be too drunk to care about who’s playing”. In short: i morgen  and ligemeget in Danish.

At the beach

Think of it as a park with sand instead of grass and the ocean instead of public restrooms. Topics of conversation might include: “It’s too crowded, why didn’t we go to the park instead?” and “This particular spot in the ocean where I am standing right now is suspiciously warmer than anywhere else…” The answers are: “I don’t know but I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of this trip anyways” and ”stop looking at me like it’s my fault” In short: det ved jeg ikke and det er ikke min skyld in Danish.

At the open air concert

By the time the long summer days have turned into a just as long summer nights, the open air concerts start. At this point the typical Dane will probably have overindulged in beer and sunshine to the point of being quite incoherent and possibly sunburned without noticing. Hopefully, you will be just as incoherent and carefree as well, so just go with the flow, if not; smile and nod.

At Christiania

No one ever remembers what the conversations at Christiania are about. You’ll be fine.



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