Hus til salg

Our house is for sale. Well, it’s not really our house, but after having lived in it for four years it sure feels like our house. For days now we’ve been tidying up, cleaning and re-organizing our belongings. Less is more, according to the real estate agent, but I am afraid that phrase doesn’t quite apply to our house (yet). It is truly incredible how much stuff one family can collect in such a short period of time!

The owner of our house lives in Spain. He is not planning on moving back to Denmark any time soon and I can’t blame him. He lives in Spain, where the sun is shining. He’s got a swimming pool in his back yard and unlimited access to good, affordable Rioja. No wonder he decided to put our house til salg. And it’s fine with us, because we have other plans anyway (involving sun and wine as well – but that story I will tell another time 🙂 ).


Even though the house is not really our house, we’re doing our utmost to make it look picture-perfect, to make sure it is sold before we move out. And we are getting some help with that. The owner sent both his father and his father in law over to do some maintenance work on the house. He also hired a maler, a painter, to freshen up the bathroom and a murer, a mason, to renovate the outer walls.

I don’t know what it is with these handymen, but they all seem to speak a completely incomprehensible kind of Danish. Is it because they are mumbling and swallowing half of the words, is it their accent, or is it because they are using a vocabulary I am not familiar with? In any case, I am clueless, speechless and completely lost. My ears are working overtime to catch up, every time one of them starts a conversation with me. I try to nod at the right moment and hope that they don’t notice my incompetence.

I have said it before: learning a foreign language is an everlasting journey. There are moments in which I function in Danish without any difficulties whatsoever, where it almost feels like I have come to the end of my journey. Unfortunately, sooner or later these joyful moments, where I feel content and satisfied with my Perfect Danish, are disrupted by moments of sheer panic, where I feel like I am in the beginner’s course of Lærdansk again.

No matter how annoying these panicky moments might be, it’s at times like these where I feel that I am moving forward. In the past few days I have not only learned new words and expressions, also my ears have gotten used to yet another Danish accent. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and discussed how to remove lime scale from bathroom tiles. I will continue my everlasting journey towards the Perfect Danish and I am determined to get there one day….



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