Recently, I shared the exciting news that I will soon be making the trip out to Denmark with my family and getting the chance to put my Danish into real-life practice.

Unfortunately, however, work has been a pretty demanding task-mistress over the last couple of weeks, which means I’m now only three weeks away from my very first trip to Denmark and actually doing less Danish studying now than I’ve done for much of the last year. Crisis!

But you know what? You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, so I’m still trying to squeeze in some study when I get a bit of time to myself. And today’s post is about a fun little way of doing that. It’s quick, it’s focussed, and it’s silly. It’s not always easy but, as the old saying goes, practice can make perfect!

What on earth am I talking about?!

Tongue-twisters på dansk, that’s what! (Or tungebrækkere, as they’re known in Danish.) I recently found this top ten Danish tongue-twisters video * by Masteroth1 – also known as Ditte – over on Youtube. It’s perfect practice for getting your tongue around those tricky Danish sounds, particularly the blødt d (and yes, that old standard, rød grøde med fløde does make an appearance). Ditte presents them in ascending order of difficulty, and I definitely agree with her choice of number 1 in the list – do you?

The tongue-twisters are captioned on screen to help you have a go along with Ditte, and she’s also provided translations into English – click on ‘Show More’ where you find the information under the video to find these. Like a lot of good tongue-twisters, a lot of them are pretty nonsensical… But then, making sense is not really the point of tongue-twisters, is it?!

So if you too find yourself short on time this week, why not join me in trying to twist your tongue around a few of these tongue-‘breakers’? It’s a quick way of including some pronunciation practice in your day – and you’ll also likely have a few giggles along the way! 🙂

Vi ses,


*Beware! There are a couple of swear-words in this (both Danish and English), so maybe don’t listen to it out loud in a public place if there are sensitive ears around you…


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