Danish hip-hop and listening practice

Do you remember how I talked about finding my motivation a while back?

Well, it’s still here, but I realized that now that I am back in my home country, I don’t have to follow a particular pattern of learning the Danish language, I just have to do fun stuff in order for my motivation to continue!

First I found my weak spot: listening. Really my listening skills in Danish are, hands down, crappy. I would always get stressed when I heard Danes talking to me, hell, I would even get stressed when doing listening exercises in Lærdansk!

It’s not my cup of tea, I guess.

So after locating my weakness, I set out to find a fun way to fight it off; what I came up with was listening to Danish songs. Probably not the smartest decision, one might say, since listening to songs inDanish was basically doubling my effort, but I wanted something fun, sooo…

Manus Nigra were my first choice; a Danish hip-hop band that I saw live in Aarhus once upon a time during Mejlgade festival. I don’t really listen to hip-hop music, but these guys really caught my attention.

So I put my favorite song from Manus Nigra, Bag Dig on repeat and started reading the lyrics, while listening to them. On the first read, my thought was“OK, no way I can get this right!”. So I almost gave up! But I like the song way too much, so I kept going at it.



How a typical -listening practice- day looks like…

On the 3rd time I managed to make out the first 5 lines of the song, and the incredible feeling of victory rushed through me. As I kept reading the lyrics, I realized that I was spending less and less time on the script and more time on the video, as I could remember the lyrics and understand them in the song.

Now, I am proud to say that I know the song by heart, and I can understand every single word in it. Hurrah!

After Bag Dig, I moved on to other Danish hip-hop songs. Somehow I can only do this listening exercise with hip-hop music on; weird, but I won’t really spend too much time analyzing that-after all I have found some pretty awesome Danish hip-hop artists- I just roll with it.

Have you found any similar fun ways to learn Danish, or to strengthen your skills? I’m up for hearing about them! Luckily Danish hip-hop songs are endless, so I have a good stock before running out and start looking for other sources!

Vi ses,



2 thoughts on “Danish hip-hop and listening practice

    1. Hej Štěpán!
      I also know that the Danish band Nephew have songs in Danish. I have had troubles to find danish lyrics as well, that’s why I stick to Danish hip-hop, like Manus Nigra, Nixen, Suspekt and other on YT to help me!


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