Visiting Denmark for the first time!

So, I have some exciting news…

I’m (finally!) coming to Denmark! *woop*

Yes, that’s right, after 14 months of language study, my little family and I have finally booked flights to Denmark to let me put my learning into practice. The kids are very excited (mainly about going on an aeroplane, admittedly), and my husband will also be celebrating his birthday while we’re out there so, naturally, he’s pretty excited too! (This is obviously the perfect reason to dust off my Danish-birthday-song-singing skills once again. Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!)

However, booking the plane tickets was just the first step. The slightly trickier task was finding somewhere to stay. Hotels can often be quite an expensive option, and Denmark is no exception on that front. Also, I’ll be honest, as a parent of young kids, it’s always easier to stay somewhere with its own kitchen so you can make something quick and easy for them to eat at short notice when the hunger pangs strike (or when you can’t face long negotiations in a café with your extremely fussy eater about what they’re willing to eat!). Enter, therefore, a well-known home-rental company – I’m sure you know the one…

Now, I haven’t used this service before, but I know a few people who have, and they seem pretty positive about it. So, we thought we’d try it out this holiday. Not only would we get the added flexibility of kitchen facilities so we could eat in or out as the mood takes us, but it would also give us the opportunity to try living like the locals, and this is something I’ve always enjoyed doing when I go abroad.

As I looked through all the different rental options for the places we’ll visit, I was pleased to be able to put my comprehension skills into practice by reading the information and descriptions (and more importantly, the feedback!) about the different apartments that was provided in Danish by its various users. After doing lots of Duolingo and workbook-type exercises over the past year, it was pretty cool to put my home, travel and date-related vocabulary to use in real life, and I have to admit that looking through these profiles had the added bonus of giving me a great education in ‘Scandi-chic’ home décor.

This company encourages interaction between its owners and its renters, so I wrote a number of messages to different people while planning our stay. I made sure to write in Danish each time, but I wasn’t entirely sure how that would be received by my recipients. However, I was really glad when almost everyone also replied to me in Danish, and it was really satisfying to both understand these messages and to know that I had managed to make myself understood by others, too.

However, as we all know, written Danish and spoken Danish are quite different kettles of fish. I’m now looking forward to the chance to practice my spoken Danish when I get to Denmark – and with only a month and a half to go until that challenge becomes a reality, now is definitely the time to knuckle down to some serious practice with my TalDansk partner, no doubt about that.

So, what about you? Do you have any plans to visit Denmark soon? Or perhaps you’re living there now? Did you have any surprises when you first arrived? And can you recommend anywhere in Copenhagen or Aarhus that is a must-see for a family with young kids? If so, I’d love for you to tell me all about it in the comments below! Tak 🙂



2 thoughts on “Visiting Denmark for the first time!

  1. I’m happy to read you’re going to Denmark after so many posts! I’ve just spent my evening planning our summer vacation to Baltic countries, hoping to stop in Denmark on our way back.

    It’s been a few years since we visited København and fell in love with the city, but some of the highlights which might possibly be of interest with children: Tivoli is the obvious must, huge ice cream cones in Nyhavn will definitely be appreciated, and we absolutely loved the canal tour which covers all the highlights of the waterfront. Orlogsmuseet is apparently closed until August which means no pirate birthday party for your husband ( :-(. The kids will probably enjoy Hans Christian Museum at Rådhuspladsen.


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