Have you read a book in Danish yet?

Keeping up with my previous motivational and book-related post, today I would like to emphasize a bit more on the importance of reading texts/books in the language that you’re learning.

When I started reading texts in Danish, obviously I didn’t realize what was happening. But after some time (and some sweaty effort), I was able to pick up one-ten words at first. Then these words became 100-1000, you get the point!

I found that my vocabulary increased as well, along with the proper use of word order, syntax, and collocations.

Reading from a different variety of texts, with different themes and styles will make your vocabulary skyrocket. Apart from that, you will notice changes in other aspects of your language skills, such as listening, speaking and writing.

It will also make you feel like a badass, but I guess the fact that we all have mastered a certain level of Danish is, in fact, kind of a superpower.

You can all guess what I have been up to these days. A Danish friend of mine has sent me a nice package with a book and a comic book.


I’m currently reading the Star Wars book, as I have a triple motivation to do so:

  1. I am a huge fan
  2. Learning Star Wars related vocabulary sounds like a good  nay a very good idea!
  3. I feel like since my friend went into the trouble of buying me these things, I should at least read the whole book, since it’s the most dense one in word-count size.

So I have three very legitimate reasons to continue reading my book!

And by that, I will close today’s post with a motivational quote that I hope will inspire you:

“Do or do not, there is no try”


So here’s a challenge for you: read a small book in Danish by the end of the month!

Vi ses,



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