I found it!

My friend, motivation, had gone missing for a while now. I was worried, I’m not gonna lie, because she used to be (more or less) a staple in my everyday activities. Now, that I’m back in my home country, it could be that I had forgotten to pack motivation in my luggage, but- thank the gods- it was not the case. 

I realised that I had simply forgotten to unpack her! 

The first problem I encountered after unpacking motivation, was that I didn’t know what to do with it. It kinda felt like re-discovering fire, or witnessing a strange creature for the first time and venturing to touch it with a stick and a perplexed expression. Well, I didn’t really have a stick with me, but you get the point. 

Luckily, motivation had brought a gift with it along the way! It was a book, and it was in Danish! A bit of a disclaimer here: I usually empty my luggage thoroughly, I have no idea why I forgot a book and my motivation in there this time, maybe it was a weird coincidence, or an it-was-meant-to-happen-so-I-can-write-my-post-today kind of thing. 

Back to the book, though, it’s Robinson Crusoe (as I said, in Danish!), which I had bought with a very good friend of mine, from a second-hand bookstore in Aarhus. I remember telling him that I would like to have a book with me back home, in Danish language so that I can read. Now that I found it again, it’s high time I actually started reading it…

The gift!

I confess, I’m rather scared to open it, because I feel like a huge, Danish rush of words will be hurled towards me, BUT I will try! 

I also decided to do one more thing. Teach my friends here Danish, but in a subtle, discrete way. Every time they say key-words, like “thanks”, “hello”, “cheers”, “what?”, “no”,etc (you get the point), I repeat the equivalent Danish word. And then they almost always repeat it themselves; I just make sure that I have heard it from everyone present. Once everybody is confident with these words, then I will continue teaching them a bit more complex ones, like “I like coffee”, “How are you?”, “My name is…” etc. It’s quite entertaining (for me at least), I just hope I won’t get punched in the face at some point! 😀 

So now I have two things to look forward to, reading my book, and teaching (indirectly) my friends Danish! Hell of a month, this one!

Vi ses,



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