Glædelig Jul!

A lovely blogging year has come to its end. Looking back, I see how different things were before I started writing for this blog. I surely found it much harder to stay motivated and inspired so as to continue my Danish lessons. After getting in touch with my fellow bloggers and reading their struggles, thoughts and advice, I immediately related and this ‘lone struggle’ became more of a let’s-sit-and-humorously-write-about-it situation.

With this in mind, my post today will be to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I wish tons of inspiration and motivation to those who lack it, and be sure to keep your eyes open, these two can be hidden in the simplest of places!

Finally, may your Danish skills continue to be honed and perfected! Keep your eyes fixed on the blog, we will be coming back with more material, but for the time being enjoy yourselves!

I will be treating myself with a lovely Danish present from a lovely Danish friend, containing Danish Christmas treats and presents. Yay!


Vi ses,



2 thoughts on “Glædelig Jul!

  1. Også glædelig jul til jer alle på bloggen. Det har været en fornøjelse at læse med – og jeg glæder mig at læse mere i 2016.
    Bedste hilsner


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