J-Dag, leverpostej, and board games

Lately, I have been immersing myself quite often to Danish culture-more often than I used to. I seem to enjoy taking pleasure from all the small Danish cultural details, like a warm slice of rugbrød with leverpostej topped with sliced cucumber, enjoying a Julebrug on J-Dag with friends, or playing board games with Danish friends!

I find these moments quite precious, because you are not only treating yourself with a unique cultural experience that makes you feel ‘one of them’, but you are also bonding over these occurrences with your friends, and with the town you live in. More importantly, this can make you feel more comfortable to speak the language too. Feeling relaxed, and at ease gives you a much stronger motivation and willingness to discuss topics regarding the quality of leverpostej, the annoying moment when your friend is always winning in the board game, or the unbelievable joyfulness of Danes during J-Dag!

WP_20151104_09_11_14_Pro (2)

After having experienced this deep cultural immersion, I now feel closer to the city I have been living for the past 2 years, closer to the friends I made, and much closer to the uniqueness of Danish language.

That being said, I still nag and complain about aspects of it –obviously! – but I also know that approaching the language issue from different, and more hyggelige perspectives, like chatting with a Santa Claus about the significance of beer in Danish culture, or getting angry over your friend who is still winning (!) in the board game, is a way to actually live through the language.


So, by all means, do indulge yourselves in cultural adventures here in Denmark. You don’t necessarily have to consume large quantities of leverpostej, or beer, but you can most certainly interact with your friends in Danish over a warm meal, or a board game that you are just not having any luck at winning! (and yes, I am still very sour about losing…)

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