Grab a Dane and Travel!

I have to admit, lately I have neglected my Danish.

Phew. There, I said it.

Now that it’s out there in the open, I hope this will make it easier for all of you, who find yourselves in the same position!

It’s not bad to admit what’s happening, and frankly, it’s quite natural to have your “bad days” when learning a language. You just need to jump right in again!

For me, that happened with a great friend of mine who is half-danish, half-greek. We went for a trip together and first we stopped by lovely Copenhagen for a day. There we immersed into everything Danish, from food and music, to social gatherings and sightseeing. And most of the time we were talking in Danish.

It was absolutely great to have someone who speaks my mother tongue AND fluent Danish, because it made it that much more easier for me to communicate back and forth, and to understand much more easily some Danish concepts of the language.

That being said, I’m not saying that the recipe for improving your Danish skills is necessarily a bilingual friend 🙂 Any Danish friend of yours is the perfect candidate. They are patient and genuinely interested in helping you, at least that’s what I have gathered from my 2+ years of experiences here!


Plus the fact that Danish weather can be quite grey…

You will be honored by getting all the up and running trends in Danish slang, fun facts about the (numerous) Danish dialects, and most importantly you will not feel unease when a Dane you just met mumbles something incomprehensible (for you), because you will have your buddy with you!

Plus, they are truly great explorers and make for the best travel buddies. Bonus if your Danish friend was born in Copenhagen, then you get to have your very own VIP Copenhagen tour, Danish language and guiding included!

Until next time,

Vi ses



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