A poem about Danish

How about we move to something different today? I felt quite creative so I decided to write in a completely different way. A poem about Danish!

Now mind you, I may have written a poem, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good one; for what it’s worth though, sometimes it’s fine to produce something that is just O.K, for the mere fun of it.

Plus, if you like this new approach, then you can start writing poems in actual Danish. It’s a great and fun way to practice your skills, without really feeling that you’re studying!

So here goes:

Oh Danish, Danish you were a shock,

A language harsh and weird to talk.

Soon I was depressed and stressed,

Almost had a cardiac arrest,

Because your pronunciation is not exactly the best.

Now I can read and write, well enough

And I promise you this is not a bluff!

Jeg kan bestil en øl og læser en avis,

But I’m still very much scared to speak, see?

It’s true that Danes talk fast and rough,

But I know Danish isn’t exactly marshmallow fluff!

But I keep wonder and wonder, what needs to be done?

I think the answer is simple and nice as a cinnamon bun.

I have to keep trying, I have to keep going

Because one day I’ll see my confidence growing!

I have to be patient, I have to be resigned

And then one day my pronunciation will be redefined,

And I will have my peace of mind!


That’s it for today. Have you ever written a poem? Perhaps a poem about Danish would be the best start!

Vi ses,



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