Goddag verden

I have a confession to make…

*deep breath*

My name is Catrin and I am a linguaholic.

Phew, there, I said it! Okay! But…what does that mean?

Well, it means that I’m one of those people that enjoys languages – learning them, comparing them, contrasting them, getting my head around the grammar, trying to correctly copy the pronunciation and get the accent right, reading and watching and listening to better understand the culture, all those things. Some people might claim that I’m just a bit nosy and that I like to know what other people are saying. I could not deny that this may also be the case… Does this sound like you, too?

So, why Danish, I hear you ask? Well, believe it or not, I started learning Danish accidentally. As a foreign language teacher, I had heard good things about Duolingo, and wanted to test out its effectiveness to see if I could recommend it to my pupils in school. And to do that, I wanted to see how well it taught me a language I knew nothing of (well, apart from “tak” – but everyone knows “tak”, don’t they?!). And so, I plumped for Danish. That was almost eight months ago, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.

I enjoy learning a more ‘quirky’ language than the usual choices, and grappling with the sometimes tongue-tangling Danish pronunciation, as well as trying to get to grips with the grammar (moving the article – “et” or “en” – to the end of a noun to say “the” took me quite a bit of getting used to, I can tell you!).

kop ske underkopHaving a compulsion to label everything can be handy when you’re trying to learn a new language

I have yet to visit Denmark – I think I travelled through it in a bus on a school trip when I was 15, although I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count – so I’m hoping to remedy that as soon as possible. Until then, however, I’m overcoming the lack of Danish-people-to-practice-with in my life by using a combination of Duolingo, Memrise, Teach Yourself Danish, Taldansk and the Instagram Language Challenge (or #IGLC). I’ll tell you all about them in my next post. Until then – vi ses!



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